Looking ahead at 2018

Happy New Year!

Last year I had tried to focus on simplifying my life 🙂 I decluttered and minimized and destressed! I left my old position that had turned into doing 4 peoples jobs and found a lower stress role that pays more 😉 I finished my Certificate for Sustainable Food and Farming with a 4.0 and completed a third year as a workershare to make progress towards my farming/homesteading dream. I finally had a chance to visit a water park and found its my happy place and already return trips planned for next year. And…I lost 37 pounds in 5 months to make progress towards my weight loss goal 💪

This year’s goals are already planned!

❤️ Get sunburned on the lazy river
❤️ Go on at least 4 hiking/backpacking trips
❤️ Do at least 4 Beachbody programs
❤️ Put my Bowflex dumbbells to work with a strength training routine
❤️ Read at least 20 books
❤️ Save the first $10,000 towards my dream homestead
❤️ Complete another season as a workershare

On the 15th, I start 80 Day Obsession with a challenge group. I’ve already started doing the diet side, which for Beachbody is Portion Fix. It’s pretty good and focuses on fresh real foods with lots of protein and veggies and lower carbs. I’ll be doing occasional snapshots of my days food for accountability. This one was a Portabello and Goat Cheese Omelet, Turkey Chili, snacks of Peanut Butter Toast, Cottage Cheese and Fruit, and a Caesar with Chicken Enchiladas. It’s actually more calories than I’m used to and can be broken into 4-6 meals, so I’ve been super full.

It’s -8 right now with a -18 windchill so not much is growing. My farmer lost half a hoophouse of carrots because of the extended period of subzero temps which eventually froze the ground, which is a real bummer. My season ended earlier in December this year for the same reason and I’ll be off until April. The only thing I have growing right now are sprouts, and they are in full production and helping with my diet 😀

Lets get ready to rock this year! I’m looking forward to sharing my food, farming, and homesteading adventures with you again.

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