Seed Starting 2018

This weekend I started the first of the seeds! Tomatoes, peppers, and herbs are busy getting their head start.

We’ve had a couple days in the 50s now, enough to thaw the ground for  my first soil test! It’ll be hitting the mail tomorrow and I’m interested to see the results. I’ve been growing in this soil for 8 years now, after all.

I had some bad news when my partner resigned, and it doesn’t sound like they are doing a direct or immediate replacement. But I’m trying to focus on enjoying life. I spent half of this week at the waterpark for a little relaxation and I’m still reading like crazy. My time at the farm starts in 2 weeks and my farmer invited me to borrow any books I want, so I’m going to start with some soil health as I know that’s her obsession and it’s what I’d like to focus on next.

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