Starting 80 Day Obsession

This time of year I usually have a home improvement project planned. I just picked up some laminate flooring to put in the gym to finally finish updating the room. We also had a couple day warmup so I got out into the sunroom to clean up. It’s where I’ve been parking some of the items I’ve decluttered just in case I regretted removing one of them from the house. I also strung up come cafe lights so it’ll be a nice place to hang out come summer. I happened to get my first shipment of Black Rifle Coffee on the same day the lights arrived, which explains the photo.

I’ve lost 4.1 pounds so far this year and tomorrow 80 Day Obsession starts so I’ll be knocking up my workouts a notch. I’m having a lot of fun trying new recipes like this fabulous Chicken Caesar and Pasta Fagioli.

And I’ve started bugeting for a cruise next January so I’ll have a great reward if I’m successful with my year of transformation. I think I’d consider becoming a coach as well.

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