CSA Saturday – Fall on the Farm

I got a bit of an earlier start on my shift at the farm to get home before it got too hot. It was such a lovely morning though. The sunrise was deep and glorious. Hot air balloons landed on either side of me as I drove down the freeway. And I got to the farm to find this blanket of leaves, brilliant in the early morning sun. I took some time to walk the fields enjoying the sights and sounds and changes since last week before I got started weeding and hoeing among the carrots.

Fall at the farm #workershare

CSA Saturday – Arm Day

Farm day was arm day! My farmer left instructions to hoe around all these cute little transplants in one of the hoop houses. I had time to do some extra weeding and cleanup the packing shed as well. It was only 41 when I got there in the morning, but I was in short sleeves by the time I was done.

CSA Saturday – Back to Work

Many of you know that I’m currently working Saturday mornings at my CSA as a workershare…meaning my pay is a share of vegetables.  This is my third year doing one, and I’ve learned quite a bit, been paid in tons of organic produce, had lots of fun,  and gotten plenty of exercise.

Today is my first week at the farm again after throwing out my back on the 5th, so I was moving slower and more carefully than usual.  I cleaned up the packing house and since no instructions were left for me I got started suckering and trellising tomatoes.  This is one of the few chores that doesn’t require a lot of bending over, since the tomatoes are ridiculously tall this time of year.  We’re going through a cool spell so it was an unusually chilly 45 degrees when I woke up this morning and I had to dig out my fleece!