Under the Weather

All the seeds in my current flats have germinated now and are off to the races. I have 2 more flats to start, but I’m holding off on those due to our unusually wintery spring. We’ve got 3 inches of snow with a frosting of freezing rain coming this weekend in what’s hopefully a last hurrah.

I’ve had an upper respiratory thing brewing this week. It settled into my lungs yesterday and I could no longer deny it. So I got a double batch of bone broth made last night. I used a bigger variety of root veggies than normal in hopes of extra nutrition. I also added shiitake for extra minerals and b vitamins and nori for extra minerals and iodine.

My green onions are up enough to harvest, so breakfast was spring onion soup and I’m thinking egg drop for lunch. I have some fruit and veggie juice on hand, and green smoothie fixings too. Glad I went the liquids route because my cough already has my throat roughed up. Probably wouldn’t hurt for my diet either…since I’ve been stalled for a while.

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